1. What is CherryConnect?

CherryConnect is a FREE membership program for Cherry fans. Members get exclusive access to benefits, sponsor offers and more.

2. How do I join?

Sign up using your Facebook credentials or provide some basic information. That's it!

3. How much does it cost?

CherryConnect membership is FREE!

4. How do I take advantage of CherryConnect benefits?

Just login using your Facebook credentials or with your email address and password. Then, take a look around. There's lots of great ways to win prizes and receive special offers from our partners.

To take advantage of partner discounts/offers, view the Partners section on the program. Partners will provide their respective offer/discount if you show them either your CherryConnect FanID (the front page of the program when viewed on a mobile phone) or an image of their coupon or offer.

5. Are there opportunities to win prizes?

CherryConnect members have plenty of chances to win prizes throughout the season:

Game Prediction prizes: During a Cherry sporting event, you are given an opportunity to predict a range of statistics for a given game. Prize winners are selected at random from those with the most number of correct predictions for that game. Winners will be notified by email.

Ticket-Link prizes. Fans are able to "link" their ticket to their CherryConnect membership account and be eligible for prizes or perks at individual games. Additionally, fans who have the most number of ticket-links for the entire season will be eligible for prize(s). Additionally, if season ticket holders have family or friends attending the game with them Ticket-Link, those people become eligible for prizes AND the season ticket holder increases their opportunity to win as well.

Prizes and quantity of prizes may vary.

6. How often will I receive CherryConnect emails?

We may notify you from time to time about special offers, prize opportunities and tournament announcements.

7. How do I unsubscribe from CherryConnect emails

Just hit "unsubscribe" at the bottom of any CherryConnect email.

8. How do I "link" my Cherry ticket?

Sign in at http://connect.owlsports.com/ and click on "Ticket/Viewer-Link"

To Ticket-Link: If you are attending the game, choose "Link" and enter the barcode number from your ticket in the space provided.
To Viewer-Link: If you are not attending the game but following it, choose "Link" and select where you are watching the game.